23 October 2018



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Welcome to the website of the U.E.M.S. Section of Ophthalmology
The Section of Ophthalmology was founded at Ghent, Belgium on 23 March 1963 on the initiative of Prof. Jules Francois; present were the representatives of the six foundation countries of the European Union. The Section now includes 30 countries and 3 associate members.

The main purposes of the UEMS are the harmonisation and improvement of the quality of medical specialists training, qualifications and practice in the European Union.
Bienvenue sur le site internet de la Section d'Ophtalmologie de l'U.E.M.S.
La Section d'Ophtalmologie a été fondée à Gand, Belgique, le 23 mars 1963, à l'initiative du Prof. Jules François; étaient présents les représentants des six pays fondateurs de l'Union Européenne. La section comprend maintenant 30 pays et 3 membres associés.

Les principaux objectifs de l'UEMS sont l'harmonisation et l'amélioration de la qualité de la formation des médecins spécialistes, de leurs qualifications et de leur pratique dans l'Union Européenne.
Last Surveys... Refraction in Europe: Results of the UEMS Survey in 2010

The 73rd Plenary Assembly
of the U.E.M.S. Section of Ophthalmology
will be held at the Hotel Rungstedgaard,
Rungstedlund, Denmark on Sunday 10 June 2018

The EBO General Assembly will be on Saturday June 9.

Rungstedlund 2018
Rungstedlund 2018
EBO: European Board of Ophthalmology
The European Board of Ophthalmology is a permanent working group of the U.E.M.S. Section of Ophthalmology.

The Board has specifically been given the task of overseeing the standard of ophthalmology training. The National Delegates of the Board include clinicians and academicians with specific ophthalmologic skills, expertise and a broad geographic distribution. more...